Digital Forensic Expert Training Program

Digital Forensic Expert course is designed to provide comprehensive training in digital/computer forensics, covering various aspects and techniques essential for investigating digital crimes and incidents.

Key Topics:
  • Live computer Forensics
  • Dead computer Forensics
  • Disk Imaging
  • Disk Image Analysis
The course will cover:
Module 1: Introduction to Digital Forensics
  • What is Digital Forensics
  • Different fields of Digital Forensics
    • Computer Hard Drive/ SSD/ NVMe imaging
    • Disk Image Analysis
    • Live Computer Analysis
    • RAM Dump Analysis
    • MAC Forensics
    • Video Forensics/ DVR Forensics
    • Mobile Forensics
    • Cloud Forensics
  • Forensic Investigation Phases
  • Chain of Custody
Module 2: Computer Hard Drive/ SSD/ NVMe Imaging
  • Hard Drive
    • What is a Hard Drive
    • Different types of Hard Drive & their connector types
      • IDE
      • SATA
      • SCSI
    • How data is stored on a Hard Drive
      • Tracks
      • Sectors
      • Clusters
  • SSD/ NVMe
    • What is a SSD/ NVMe
    • How is a SSD/ NVMe different from Hard Drive
    • Different types of SSD drives
      • SATA SSD
      • M.2 SSD (MSATA)
    • SSD/ NVMe connector types
  • Write-Blocker
    • What is a write-blocker
    • Different types of write-blockers
      • Hardware write-blocker
      • Software write-blocker
  • Creating a Disk Image
    • Creation of Disk Image using a hardware write-blocker
    • Creation of Disk Image using a software write-blocker
    • Forensic Disk Image types
      • RAW/ DD
      • E01
      • AFF
    • Verifying Disk Image creation logs along with Cryptographic Hash values.
Module 3: Analysing Disk Image
  • Manual analysis of evidence
    • Mounting the Disk Image
    • Launching a Virtual Machine using the Disk Image
  • Application-based analysis of evidence
Module 4: Live Computer Analysis
  • What is Live Computer Analysis
  • When is Live Computer Analysis required
  • Live Computer Analysis procedure
  • RAM Dump Analysis
    • What is RAM Dump
    • How is RAM Dump useful in Forensic Investigation
    • Conditions in which RAM Dump is necessary
    • How to collect RAM Dump
    • Analysing RAM Dump
Live Classroom

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Course Outline
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